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Hoc'h Enez : Roc'h Gored

LOCATION : Ile Wrac'h, Plouguerneau, Finistère (22), Bretagne, France

CLIENT : Association des Iles et des Phares des Abers (IPPA)

DATE : April 2023

SUBJECT: illustration of a narrative map of the Wrac'h island created during a 12-day residency organized by IPPA, on the Wrac’h Island lighthouse. The objective? Include the Map in a museographic project centered around the history of the lighthouse and the island. The map attempts to retrace the atmosphere of the place but also the experiences of the members of the association on the island, their connection to the lighthouse, their uses.

The map can be read in different ways. First there is Wrac’h Island in the center with Saint-Cava beach at the bottom (arrival on foot at low tide). Then the rest of the Map can be read 360 degrees, like an orientation table. Only the territories visible from Wrac’h Island are represented. In total, around a hundred people contributed to the development of this map, including around thirty members of the IPPA.


  • participatory meeting workshops

  • activities linked to the territory

  • analysis of historical documents

  • informal meetings with the passing public

  • illustrations of daily mental maps

  • public presentation


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