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Hol Lilia

LOCATION : Lilia, Plouguerneau, Finistère (22), Bretagne, France

CLIENT : Norzh EcoGite 

DATE : 2022

SUBJECT: Audrey and Guillaume are launching an ecolodge project (12 cabins and shared spaces, starting point for excursions, biodiversity awareness workshop, etc.) along the GR34 in Plouguerneau - Lilia in Brittany (29). In this context, a Narrative Map of the place has been requested in order to inform the various visitors of the gîte about the history of the territory and the key places and about the experience of those who live there and practice it.


  • Land survey,walks and bike rides, photos, informal meetings, interviews...

  • Note taking, synthesis, writing the story to tell, defining the format and framing

  • lllustration of a map that tells the story of the place and the stay there

  • Public presentation 


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