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Leur Route de Vannes

Winner of the ‘Audience Award’ for the ‘Mapping Artwork Contest 2021’ - A-Place Platform

LOCATION : Nantes, France

CLIENT : Association de commerçants de la Route de Vannes

DATE : 2021 - 2022

SUBJECT : Creation of a narrative map as part of a project to upgrade the "Route de Vannes", a major commercial sector in Nantes: "Le Voyage de la Route de Vannes". The "Association de la Route de Vannes", which is leading the project, has developed an interactive platform reflecting this project, on the occasion of the 2021 Heritage Days. The Narrative Map of the Route de Vannes reveals its historical identity and illustrates the perimeter covered by the shops and businesses on the route. The interactive platform reflects different eras through illustrated frames that go back in time. The Map represents key places, atmospheres, anecdotes, historical buildings in a subjective and interpretative way through research and meetings carried out in parallel.

In September 2022, the map was exposed in th epublic space along the Route de Vannes on the occasion of the 2022 Heritage Days.


  • In situ visit Urban, cartographic and historical research, reading interviews

  • Series of workshops with the project team (iconographer, sociologist ...)

  • Illustration of a map of the current situation and of a series of historical frames which transcribe the research

  • Posting of illustrations on the interactive platform of the Voyage de la Route de Vannes

  • Organising the 2022 exhibition


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