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Leur Saint-Lambert / Hun Sint-Lambrechts

LOCATION : Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels (1020), Belgium

DATE : 2022

CLIENT : The municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, in collaboration with the urban and landscape office BUUR PoS

SUBJECT : Creation of a narrative map as part of a participatory process around a study for the sustainable neighborhood St Lambert.

It includes a diagnostic phase and then a project definition phase. To achieve this, a specific method focused on sustainability ("Be Sustainable" approach) coupled with a participatory process based on Les Cartes Narratives is put in place. In order to make this method visible and accessible to the inhabitants and actors of the district, a walk and workshops are organized.


  • During the walk, the objective is to listen to the inhabitants and actors as to their perception and experience of the district, on the basis of a provisional map drawn up beforehand. At the end of the walk, supplemented by a series of interviews, a Carte Narrative of the existing situation of the neighborhood is produced. Through its graphic expression, it is an accessible sensitive analysis tool and a participatory tool for discussion and reflection. Based on this and a detailed analysis of the sustainability of the district, the BUUR PoS office identified thematic and then cross-cutting issues. These issues are illustrated via the Carte Narrative broken down into several thematic maps.

  • During the public workshops (challenges, projects and actions), the use of the Carte Narrative is twofold: it first serves as a support to communicate with the participants and is enriched in a second time according to the contributions of the workshop. This method allows the Carte Narrative to evolve over the different phases of the mission and gradually become the identity element of the visualization of the neighborhood.


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