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Les Cartes Narratives are subjective and hand-illustrated maps that tell the story of a place - a street, a neighborhood, a city, a coast, a garden, a park … - for a day, a week or (a) year(s). They reveal characteristics, anecdotes and the identity of a place. They translate my own experience or testimonies of inhabitants. They allow us to remember people, spaces and stories.


The maps are illustrated as axonometric views with proportions and scales open to interpretation. Les Cartes Narratives are a tool for communication, discussion and reflection on a territory. They link my different areas of expertise such as urban planning, development of a participatory process and illustration by hand.


Les Cartes Narratives are situated between the artistic work and the mediation tool. Each map has its own story that I will be happy to tell!



The process of creation of a Carte Narrative follows a precise method elaborated as follows, that is adapted for different project :


  • Explore : site visits, interviews, informal meetings, walks, pictures report, note-taking, recording

  • Research : urban, cartographic and historical research, lectures, possible collaborative workshops, synthesis

  • Transpose : preparatory work on framing, format, orientation, choice of elements to be represented

  • Illustrate : final illustration in pencil and then in ink, possible retouching

  • Communicate : preparation of communication media



Les Cartes Narratives can be used in different type of projects :

  • Urban project and participatory process

  • Artistic or cultural project

  • Development or enhancement project (historical, touristic, architectural, urban, landscape project)

  • Educational project

  • Personalized project


Partnerships : office study, association, school, public actor, individual private, artistic collective…


Don’t hesitate to contact me via this link below !

"La carte on peut la dessiner sur un mur, la concevoir comme une oeuvre d'art, la construire comme une action politique ou comme une méditation."

Deleuze & Guattari, Rhizome - 1976

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