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LOCATION : Forests of Bondy, Ferrières and Chamarande, Ile-de-France, France

CLIENT : Compagnie Fontaine aux Images - Lisa Valverde

DATE : 2023

SUBJECT: illustration of maps for the dystopian hiking-hsow ‘Resurgences’ on the theme of the disappearance of water in the landscape. This traveling performance takes over different forests in France: Bondy, Ferrières, Chamarande… Each performance invites the public to wander through the forest independently using a map. The objective? Guide the audience while recounting the atmosphere and symbolism of the scenes in the play, to arouse the curiosity of the participants. The map adapts to each forest and becomes multiple: each map has its own route.


  • residence, site visit

  • dialogues with the comedians and the director

  • analyse each scene and its symbolic

  • transcribe the itinerary and draw the scenes

  • assist to the representation and observe the public reactions


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