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Share The City

LOCATION : Brussels Capital Region, Belgium

DATE : 2023

CLIENT :, in collaboration with the urban and landscape office BUUR PoS and ERU urbanisme

SUBJECT : BUUR PoS with ERU, Idea Consult, IGEAT, Createlli, are preparing the revision of the PRAS (Regional Land Use Plan) for the region Brussels. This project is called “Share The City”. The work process is based on collective intelligence. The project has just reached the end of phase 1 of diagnosis (5 phases in total). For more than a year, we have been meeting with a multitude of stakeholders to take stock of urban developments since the last plan (2001).

The illustration is used as a graphic guide for this phase of work. As a demonstration, communication and mediation tool, it served as support for different types of workshops and is addressed to very different stakeholders: regional institutions, municipal administrations, associations, the general public and schools.

The challenge is to make accessible a urban planning plan: how to represent land uses in the city through a simple and fun drawing? I decided to represent the city in the form of puzzle pieces to assemble. Each block is a typology or use that can be found in the city: housing, park, sports field, vegetable garden, museum, workshop... These pieces of city can come together and form “their ideal city”.

The illustration asks the question of what uses we want (or not) in the city and especially the way in which we want to make them coexist, combine them. The illustration is presented in different ways, sometimes deconstructed, sometimes assembled into different examples of an “ideal city”, sometimes colored to highlight certain themes or issues, etc.


  • research and drawing

  • animation of workshops with different actors : public institutions, civil society, schools, citizens...

  • shape the illustration for different supports : poster, flyer, interactive game, informative panel, interactive panel...


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